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FRONT:  Hugs are nourishment for the heart.

INTERIOR: Sending many hugs your way.


The brainchild of widow Mary Lee Robinson, Set an Extra Plate Initiative is a very simple way to help someone who has suffered a recent loss or is alone over the holidays. No money required, no money involved, simply invite someone from work, church or the neighbor-hood to join your holiday dinner.

Be part of the initiative by clicking on the plate, download the PDF to your computer, and help share on social media.

It's simple . . . set an extra plate and give a little joy to the bereaved over the holidays.

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Grief Diaries Book Series

A ground-breaking series of anthology books sharing poignant true stories about real life experiences. JOIN US

FRONT:  Not every day is beautiful, but there is beauty in every day.  INTERIOR: Thinking of you.

Welcome to Grief Diaries, a village of individuals who have firsthand experience with grief and loss of all kinds. We are ordinary people, advocates, grief recovery coaches, authors, healers and more who help each other feel less alone on the journey. Looking for one-on-one support? Check out our partner sites  to the right for more resources. We're happy to help. And we're glad you're here. Welcome to our village.

FRONT:  Good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

INTERIOR: Thinking of you.

*American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

FRONT:  Moments are fleeting, memories are permanent. Love is forever and ever.

INTERIOR: Thinking of you.

FRONT:  I can't heal your heart

INTERIOR: But I can send you love. Thinking of you.

Order by clicking on a cover below. The series is also available at over 40,000 retailers around the world. 

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FRONT:  One laugh can scatter a hundred griefs.

INTERIOR: Just picture me twerking and that ought to do it.

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A 5-star book series, Grief Diaries shares the poignant journeys of men and women seeking healing and hope through losses and challenges shared by millions.

Offering firsthand accounts of the aftermath and filled with tender answers to moving questions, each book is a wonderful source of comfort. Readers who share the same path will find compassion and hope, family and friends will gain better understanding, and professionals will appreciate the rich spectrum of journeys narrated by writers across the globe. 

*A portion of retail profits from each book is donated to nonprofit organization noted below.



Capture and preserve details about your loved one you don't want to forget. The finished memoir will become a historical keepsake your family will treasure forever.  154 colored pages  8.5 x 11"


APRIL 1, 2017

WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES - Kansas City, Missouri


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Send a smile to someone you love with a Healing Heart Greeting Card. Simply pick a card, personalize with your message and/or name, and we'll do the rest. Within a few days, a card bearing your name and return address will arrive in the mailbox of someone you love,​lifting their heart and brightening their day. Each 5 x 7" folded card includes a personalized message up to 255 characters, white envelope bearing your return address, and first class postage and delivery via USPS.