Grief Diaries 

Healing hearts by sharing journeys


Why read books?

Books are like a portable support group. You're surrounded by people who share your path and speak your language, and the best part is that you don't have to go anywhere. The Grief Diaries is an anthology of stories by over 500 writers from around the globe. By reading stories of others who have survived the same journey, it gives us hope that we can too. Our books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and 40,000 other retail outlets around the world. If it isn't on the store shelf, ask your bookstore to order it for you. 

"POWERFUL . . . Lynda Cheldelin Fell and others share powerful stories that hopefully help others realize what sufferers are feeling and how intense the struggle can be. I couldn’t put it down."  

-Darragh Doiron, Life Editor

Port Arthur News

 About the Grief Diaries Book Series

​Grief Diaries is a groundbreaking series of anthology books featuring true stories about stigmatized experiences. When we share stories, our written words become a portable support group for others who share our path, and help raise awareness and shed insight into our experiences. ​The series began with eight books exploring losses shared by people around the world in December 2015. Now home to more than 500 writers in 11 countries, Grief Diaries has 23 titles in print. Now a 5-star series, a portion of profits from every book in the series goes to national organizations serving those in need.