Grief Diaries Grieving the Missing

“CRITICALLY IMPORTANT . . . I want to say to Lynda that what you are doing is so critically important.”  –DR. BERNICE A. KING, Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King

“INSPIRATIONAL . . . Grief Diaries: Loss by Impaired Driving is the result of heartfelt testimonials from a dedicated and loving group of people. By sharing their stories, the reader will learn the true devastation that impaired driving causes, and perhaps find inspiration and a renewed sense of comfort as they move through their own journey.”  -CANDACE LIGHTNER, Founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving

"HONESTY . . . The survivors speak honestly and articulately about the wide spectrum of human emotions that they encountered on their path in support of their lost loved ones."  - JAY HOWELL, Co-founder, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

“HOPE AND HEALING . . .  You are a pioneer in this field and you are breaking the trail for others to find hope and healing.”  -KRISTI SMITH, Author & International Speaker

“HOPE . . . These stories reflect the authentic voices of individuals at the unexpected moment their lives were shattered and altered forever. Moments of strength in the midst of indescribable pain, resilience in the midst of rage; hope while mired in despair; each of which remind us in law enforcement to uphold our oath to protect and serve by never giving up.”  -SHERIFF SADIE DARNELL, Alachua County, Florida; Chair, Florida Cold Case Advisory Commission

"DEEPLY INTIMATE . . . Loss of a Parent is a deeply intimate, authentic collection of narratives that speak to the powerful, often ambiguous, and wide spectrum of emotions that arise from the loss of one's mother or father. I so appreciate the vulnerability and truth embedded in these stories, which honor and bear witness to the many forms of bereavement that arise in the aftermath of parental death."  -DR. ERICA GOLDBLATT HYATT, Chair of Psychology, Bryn Athyn College

“MOVING….  We learn from stories throughout life. In Grief Diaries, the stories are not only moving but often provide a rich background for any mourner to find a gem of insight that can be used in coping with loss.  Reread each story with pen in hand and you will find many that are just right for you.”  -DR. LOUIS LAGRAND, Author of Healing Grief, Finding Peace

“INCREDIBLE . . . Thank you so much for doing this project. it’s absolutely incredible!”  -JULIE MJELVE, Founder, Grieving Together

“STUNNING . . . Delving into the deepest recesses of the heartbroken, the reader easily identifies with the diverse collection of stories and richly colored threads of profound love that create a stunning read full of comfort and hope.”   -DR. GLORIA HORSLEY, Founder & President of Open to Hope Foundation

“WONDERFUL . . .Loss of a Sibling is a wonderful computation of stories written by the best of experts, bereaved siblings' themselves. Although this bond is one of life’s longest and most unique relationships, sibling loss is often minimized and unacknowledged. Thank you for building awareness about a topic so near and dear to my heart.”  -DR. HEIDI HORSLEY, Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, Columbia University, Grief Expert, Author, and Co-Founder of Open to Hope Organization

"A FORCE . . .The writers of this project, the Grief Diaries anthology series, are a force to be reckoned with. I'm betting we will be agents of great change." -MARY LEE ROBINSON, Author and Founder of Set an Extra Plate initiative

“AMAZING . . . This is so amazing that after all these years of dealing with all the issues I’ve had in my life, I’m finally feeling like I’m not alone in all this.” -DEBBIE PFIFFNER, Participant in Grieving for the Living

“GLOBAL . . .One of The Five Facets of Healing mantras is together we can heal a world of hurt. This anthology series is testimony to the power we have as global neighbors to do just that.” -ANNAH ELIZABETH, Founder of The Five Facets of Healing 

"GRATEFUL . . .This journey, while the intent has been to guide and encourage others through this path of darkness, has provided invaluable insights into my feelings, allowing validation of those feelings by the person who matters most -- me!  I am grateful for this opportunity." -NANCY HAMMINK REMOND, participant in Loss of a Spouse & Loss by Homicide

"POWERFUL . . .I'm so glad that I have been a part of something so powerful."  ​-MARY SUTHERLAND, participant in Grieving for the Living

"HEALING . . . This was one of the hardest journeys I have led myself on and yet I would do it all over again. Healing is a hard process, of so many emotions but there is no time frame on how long it will take and through this project I have come closer to feeling healed."  ​-TERESA BROWN, participant in Loss of a Parent & Grieving for the Living

"REWARDING . . .This experience has been very rewarding for me. Just being able to talk with others who have walked this road."  ​-MONICA MIRKES, participant in Loss of a Child

"SUPPORTED . . .The project was very organized. The expectations were clear. The secret groups kept us all informed, and is where we all supported one another. I must say that I have been a part of very few things that were run this well!  I have already signed up to be a part of one of the books in the next batch. And I look forward to being a part of that and any books that I qualify to be a part of in the future."  -CHRISTINE BASTONE, coauthor of Loss of a Sibling, Participant in Loss by Suicide, Loss of a Pregnancy, and Loss of Health

"NECESSARY . . .I feel blessed to be a part of this endeavor. This project has been very challenging emotionally. Digging deeper into really a life time of feelings and processes, was necessary and healing at the same time. I know there was some holding back, and in time, this beginning will bring about more work, more tears, and more healing for myself and others."  -EMILY BAIRD-LEVINE, Participant in Loss of a Sibling

"CHANGED . . . If you take the first (hardest) step and trust the process, be kind with yourself in answering and processing the questions you will come out a changed person."  -TERESA HERRING, Participant in Grieving for the Living, Loss of a Parent

Grief Diaries Surviving Loss of a Partner

Sharing our stories touches the hearts of both reader and writer. It's comforting to know someone else understands the shoes we walk in, and the struggles we face along the way; it helps us feel less alone.​​ Now over 600 writers strong in 11 countries, Grief Diaries is open to everyone. Your story will help raise awareness, comfort readers who share your path, and become a permanent part of literary history. Gmail, Yahoo & AOL users: To avoid having emails related to the book project lost in your spam/junk folder, please add to your address book.

Click on a book cover to register.  A confirmation with further instructions will be emailed to you within 5 business days. To join a title in our new sister series Real Life Diaries, click here.​

Grief Diaries Loss by Diabetic Driver

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                                                                                                     Inside every human is a story worth sharing. 



Grief comes in many forms. We believe that sharing our experiences helps to open the dialogue and pave the way for understanding and improved support. It raises awareness, and comforts those who share our path. Join us!


  • Readers who share your path will feel less alone.
  • Family and friends will gain better understanding of your journey.
  • ​Professionals will appreciate the rich spectrum of authentic stories.
  • Future generations will benefit from us opening the dialogue about these journeys. 


  • Click on a book cover to the right, and complete the registration to sign up (it's free to contribute!).
  • ​Within 72 hours, you'll receive a confirmation email with further instructions including a timeline for that book's questions.
  • Once weekly for six weeks, you'll receive three questions about your journey for a total of 18 questions. 
  • Your answers are compiled alongside the others in the book. To see the layout, click here to see a sample chapter.
  • Once published, you'll receive a free book as well as the link to buy as many as you want at wholesale price to give to family and friends, or for resell via your website or organization (you keep the profits).​​
Grief Diaries Loss Through the Eyes of a Child


​​What is an anthology?  An anthology is a collection of stories about the same subject. To date, over 600 people in 11 countries have submitted their story to the series.

Why is it important to share stories?  By sharing stories, we help others who share our path feel less alone. A collection of stories, an anthology, is so much more powerful than one perspective alone. 

How does it work?  Each book is a guided project. You'll receive three questions per week for six weeks. If the project has already started, you'll receive all the questions and you can answer at your own pace.

What kind of questions will I have to answer?  
The focus of the questions will be about your experiences as it relates to this book's subject. 

Can I use a pen name?  
Yes, but please register in your real name first.

Does it cost anything?  
It's free to contribute. Co-authors pay $450 and, in addition to earning all the perks of becoming a published author, receive a share of royalties. Each title is limited to two coauthors, first come first serve.

May I participate in more than one book?  
Yes. Simply select KEEP SHOPPING and register for the next book you wish to participate in. There is no limit as long as you have personal experience with each subject.

May I participate on behalf of someone else?  
No. All submissions must be first-person accounts.

I would like to participate as a co-author, but can't afford it right now. May I make payments? 
No, but you can apply as a contributor and upgrade your status to co-author any time prior to going to print if that option isn't sold out.

Can I buy my book to resell?  
Yes. Writers have wholesale rights. You can buy a few books for family and friends, or a caseload for resell via your own website and/or book signings and keep the revenue. There is no minimum. 

Where will the book be available?  
It will be published both in print and digital formats and available to over 40,000 booksellers around the world via (1) Amazon and (2) our global distributor.  

Who is the principal author? Lynda Cheldelin Fell, the creator of Grief Diaries. To learn more about Lynda, visit

Who is the publisher?  AlyBlue Media.  For more information, visit